Update, note our Christmas services:

10:30 Christmas day at Eythorne and Shepherdswell, 9:00 at Coldred and Barfrestone. For all of our other Advent services see the link above.

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Bewsborough is a rural community, but sitting close to Dover and including the fast-growing community of Whitfield. It offers a variety of challenges, including mission to all ages in a varied and dynamic community.

It is a single parish benefice comprised of 5 principally rural churches at the north eastern extent of the Dover Deanery. The Parish was created in 2013 when the four parishes of the Eythorne Benefice (Barfrestone, Coldred, Eythorne & Elvington and Shepherdswell) and Whitfield were brought together.  Bewsborough is the name of the ancient ‘hundred’ which included most of the original five parishes.

We welcome people of all ages, traditions, and christian perspectives.

Our Vision is to:

Grow in the faith and love of God ourselves, to be able demonstrate it and encourage it to develop amongst the wider community. In this we are called to:

  • Deepen our understanding of God’s word by study and prayer, growing in wisdom and integrity ourselves. Bringing healing and hope to those in difficulty and rejoicing in our Christian fellowship and encouraging others to join us.
  • Build on our links with schools and nursing homes, engaging with and providing support and encouragement for all according to their needs. In addition, seeking to build on existing structures which provide support for the vulnerable of all ages.
  • Work closely with the other denominations within our Parish so that all may see that we are united as Christians. In particular work together as the development of the population of Whitfield increases.
  • Build upon the contacts made with children in our primary schools and develop a ministry for our young people as they move towards adulthood, by encouraging them to appreciate the relevance of the Christian message in the modern world.
  • In our daily contact with the members of our village communities, through our own Christian faith, draw them to recognise its true meaning and relevance in the 21st century.